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      10% Commission, 30 days cookie duration

      con-ne-tic [kuh-net-ik]

      Founded in 2001, Connetic is a forward thinking brand made to express the art of the streets, through a unique representation of culture found in skateboarding, art and fashion. We have devoted ourselves not only to our brand, but also giving back to our communities by supporting local talents. Our strong root is what drove us to create a clothing brand of the highest quality, while being true to ourselves and to the culture.

      Program highlights Include:

      • Earn 10% for all referred retail sales at www.conneticlife.com
      • 30 Day referral cookie
      • Free Ground Shipping on orders over $75 (US only)
      • Average Order Value > $70
      • US warehouse and operation
      • Dedicated Affiliate Management
      • Regularly updated creative
      • Bonus for the top affiliate (additional 5%)

      Please reach out if you have any questions or special requests.

      We are available for custom creative, landing pages, content and to that end if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions. We welcome a phone call or email.

      Apply to AvantLink, Connetic’s  affiliate network partner.